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    Immobiliser & ECU Help?

    Hello I am building a Haynes Roadster and using a 2005 NBFL MX5 1.8 vvt for the engine and running gear. As my car is a fairly basic in terms of electrics I decided to develop a bespoke wiring loom rather than use the entire Mazda loom and all its various looms for electric seats, windows etc...
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    MX5 Interested!

    Hi All, I am building a Haynes Roadster and i am using the MX5 MK2.5 (NBFL) 1.8 VVT engine, gearbox, prop, diff, hubs, steering column and some of the wiring. I bought an old MX5 that was no longer roadworthy and stripped it down as it makes a really good donor car for my build. I am...