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    How to get a response when new here

    Is there any way to get your questions or messages in front of enough members to possibly get a reply or some response. I've posted 2-3 questions and have never received any reply or anything to help. Am I doing things right or maybe not asking for help in the right place ??
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    New to Forum

    Baja...May the turd who did this get a disease.
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    Roof pull strap or similar

    Taximan...being 70 I have the same issue, but your message title maybe raises a solution. Thinking toward attaching, velcro or glueing, a leather or nylon strap to the apparatus in order to turn around to the right in the cabin, grab raise and pull....hmmm.
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    Water getting into 2008 Grand Touring Miata

    Hey fellow members...I recently discovered water was leaking into mostly the passenger rear floor well, and don't know how to find the entry location. I feel certain it's a rubber seal issue, or possibly a "rain channel" issue but I'm unsure how to clean out this channel. It almost looks like...
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    Happy New Guy

    Welcome MX-5 driver, may the Miata force be with you. Mazda has provided us with "one of" the most exciting roadster's to travel or tool around in. I've had my 2008 Grand Touring model ( burgundy color-copper red) for 4-5 weeks now, and it's a joy to drive. Lots of power and low end torque...
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    High speed instabilities

    Need more info because your description is too vague. You control where the car goes? so do you mean hands off the wheel it strays ? If it leaves a straight line hands off, it could be an alignment issue or even a tire wear or air pressure difference in the front tires. Prev answer mentions...