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Constant "bump/knock" on left side rear (NO REPLIES?)

Have to say in all the time I have been a member this is the first time my post has failed to generate a reply?

2010. Mk3. 2.0Litre. powershift soft top 25,000 miles. When riding in the passenger seat there is an almost constant bump/knock from left side rear, feels as if its right over the left wheel?(thought for a while it could be a flat, but obviously not)
Have changed the drop links as originally advised (which were shot),but to no avail.
In drivers seat when travelling nowhere near as noticeable.
Whilst changing drop links had a good look plus "tug" around suspension, nothing obvious.
When bouncing car on left corner, suspension readily absorbs movement and no sounds or bumps felt.
Getting a bit concerned that it could be something serious/dangerous? Would appreciate any and all feedback thanks.
Have done a great deal of research to find answer, including a complete study of a stripped down MX5 suspension. Only possible clue was the bumper stops, rubber stops on top of suspension units, this apparently can perish and fail, question: is this something I can take on myself. Is it a possible cause of problem, as no obvious absence of any mechanical failure?
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