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Help mx5 mazdaspeed/se not starting.


New member
I own a se mx5 Nb turbo.
It has a random miss fire for about a month now.
Ive changed the leads coil packs fuel pump and mass air flow sensor crank angle and cam angle .
The Miss fire was coming on randomly but is now permanent.
When i turn the car on now it runs for about a second.
Anyone ever had this issue.
Help would be appreciated thanks.


New member
Has anyone who owns an nb had any experience driving that after the engine’s got hot it’s stopped then when it cools down it will start again?


New member
I just logged onto this site. I am an owner of a 2000 NB MX5

Yes, I have had misfires recently.

My frustrating experience with Mornington Mazda is as follows:

Took car in for misfire problem in mid November 2023. I have bought car in 2021 with 43,000 km on the clock.

Mazda Mornington called me back to say it needs a new timing belt. I approved it. Cost $1,200.

Drove car again problem recurred.

Mazda Mornington asserted that it had a cracked crank sensor. This was replaced. Cost $500. I asked other owners some suggested fuel pump might be an issue. Raised this with Customer Service. No response.

Problem reoccured within a week.

Mazda Mornington assert that it needs a new fuel pump. I visited and asked for clarification.

Turns out the Customer Service chap was only in the job for 4 months; worked previously in a caravan parts team. Spoke to Service Supervisor. He reckons the job sheet notes indicated Timing Belt was one of three possible causes. Ooops.

I asked for consideration/ assistance as I had already paid for $1700 for maintenance that did not solve the problem. They offered to waive the labour on the fuel pump replacement. Accepted.

Problem reoccured only now it misfires and cuts out at idle. Have to wait for engine to cool before I can restart. In trip from Rye to Mornington the motor died four ( 4 ) times.

I now bring to their attention that a rear view mirror mount has cracked and asked for replacement. Picture available if anyone wants to see.

Mornington Mazda had car for two days. Now I am driving a Service Loan Car ( yes I had to ask, no offer was initiated by dealership ).

They call me back Friday night to say the Cam Sensor needs replacement.

My expectations that a dealership would fix this problem was too high. Clearly this is not straightforward.

Still unsure if the problem will be fixed when I pick it up next week.

No comment made on screen mount yet. Do I hold my breath ?

I intend to request a face to face discussion with the service manager. If no satisfactory result will escalate it to Dealer Principal. Then Mazda Australia.