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New Joiner - '93 LE

Hi everyone,

My father bought this car new but just can't get in and out of it easily anymore so he's passed it down to the next generation (He's almost 80). I am very excited about it and hope it brings as much joy to me as it did to him. When the Miata first came out he used to stop by the local dealership regularly just to sit in one. This happened for a few years and he eventually put in an order for the beauty you see below. 82k miles on it and a couple of years ago he replaced the soft top, while the hard top is in excellent shape. The radio doesn't work anymore so I will probably be looking to replace it with something that has bluetooth. Other than it's all in good working condition.

Am sure I will have questions that I am sure the forum will provide answers too.


Cheers everyone!

MrSuffixes (Ed)