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Constant "bump/knock" on left side rear over tyre (Solved)

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2010. Mk3. 2.0Litre. powershift soft top 25,000 miles. When riding in the passenger seat there is an almost constant bump/knock from left side rear, feels as if its right over the left wheel?(thought for a while it could be a flat, but obviously not)
Have changed the drop links as originally advised (which were shot),but to no avail.
In drivers seat when travelling nowhere near as noticeable.
Whilst changing drop links had a good look plus "tug" around suspension, nothing obvious.
Finally discovered the culprit which may be of help to other members. The knock was produced by wear in the brake caliper guide pins/rubber seals.
In my case the pins plus seals had began to wear to the point, that when driving over bumps or uneven road services, the leverage of the wheel was enough to take up this wear causing a real clunk as the caliper moved between the pins.
The sound now has become a rattle, which caused me to investigate further.What I found was that the rubber seals have disintegrated and no longer in place, so as I drive over rough services the input from the wheel is now just causing a loud annoying rattle as the space between pins and caliper is taken up.
Easily checked jack up car, remove wheel grasp caliper and attempt to move,mine moves by hand about 6mm or so, and the rattle can be readily heard, but nowhere near as loud when under load from car!
CURE:Seal's/pins changed, now all nice and quiet. Hope this helps.
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