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Fourth-gen Mazda MX-5 Miata could get turbo power later in life


While there's a lot to love about the new Mazda MX-5 Miata, its debut was met by a vocal group of enthusiasts who derided the fourth-generation roadster's reduction in power output. The new model only puts out 155 horsepower, down from 167 in the NC. A report from Australia, though, claims Mazda may yet address the less potent output of the ND.

Things started earlier this year, as Motoring.com.au tells it, when Mazda's global PR boss, Kudo Hidetoshi, hinted that a turbocharged or Mazdaspeed model "will definitely" be considered. Then last month at Goodwood, the ND's program manager, Nobuhiro Yamamoto, said complainers were welcome to get their thrills elsewhere. Recognizing this contradiction among Mazda's brass, Motoring asked Yamamoto-san again about his statements, which he seemed to walk back.

"It's not a conflict [between statements made by Yamamoto and Hidetoshi]," Yamamoto said, indicating that his statements were made in relation to the new MX-5's launch. "Kudo-san talked about this in terms of a 10-year lifespan, but when I was asked the question right after the launching of the ND, I said 'we have no plan to have a turbo at that point in time.' That is what I meant."

Seeking an opening, Motoring pushed the Japanese engineer on the chances of a more potent MX-5, perhaps without a turbocharger. "If you could achieve what we want, to which is great response, very light and powerful with great performance feel with natural aspiration, then we don't need a turbo," Yamamoto said. "But if we want more power because we don't get satisfied with natural aspiration then we may think about the turbo."