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Newb Here - Hello!


Nice to join the Forum. I'm on here as I'm after a little advice if I may ...

I own a 2006 (56 reg) 2l MX-5 black sport model.. Mileage is around 70 K.

After a brain injury 5 years ago (me, not the Mazda ☺️) she's been off-road and sitting about. I now have come to the sad decision to sell.

She could do with ~ £700 work to become roadworthy again. If it were you knowledgeable folk, would you get the work done, in the hope of recouping the ££ in the sale price .... Or sell as is, as a 'project'. I paid £18K in 2006, bodywork needs a little attention (keyed and a tinge in the bumper).

Apologies mods if this is in the wrong place.

A-thanking you in advance :)