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Unknown ‘creak’


New member
Hi - new owner here.
Have an ND RF which is lovely, but with the most annoying creak coming from the rear of the car.
This happens going forwards, backwards, changing direction and more prone at slower speeds.

The car has recently had some light accident damage repaired to the drivers door, where the bodyshop have said that the had to take the door off for some sanding. Am taking it back there tomorrow for another opinion.

Also had it up on a ramp today at my friendly Halfords (I trust them), and they’ve checked over the suspension and all looks well. They’ve sprayed plenty of lubricant on the suspension bits and it still creaks (albeit it’s a little quieter in the creaking, but still horrendously annoying). When the vehicle is stationary any transfer of weight like getting out of the car creates a creak and pushing down on the suspension mounts also.

Thoughts anyone?

With thanks in advance