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Water getting into 2008 Grand Touring Miata

Hey fellow members...I recently discovered water was leaking into mostly the passenger rear floor well, and don't know how to find the
entry location. I feel certain it's a rubber seal issue, or possibly a "rain channel" issue but I'm unsure how to clean out this channel. It
almost looks like to soft top would have to be removed to get at it, but I'm not doing that. Anybody with a solution or how to find out how
to prevent this water coming in.

I discovered this also related to water entry, on a road trip my brand new CD's began to skip during songs, so I ejected them to see what
the issue was, and found each of the four in the CD player has visible moisture on them ?? as if water was also getting into the damn
CD player ?? After drying them off they played fine, but what the heck is that about ?? Water getting in through the windshield rubber
seal ?? This is a big bummer...any ideas or help will be much appreciated !